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Noir is a Standard Asset (ASA) on the Algorand-Chain with the name aNoir

aNoir's goal is to carry out climate-neutral transactions with the help of the Algorand Chain.



What is Noir

Noir is a community-driven token. 

The future of Noir will largely revolve around NFTs, with a focus on decentralization

Our Vision

Algorand is considered "the green blockchain".
This is where we would like to pick up with Noir and contribute to climate-neutral transactions.


Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) provide a standardized, Layer-1 mechanism to represent any type of asset on the Algorand blockchain. These can include fungible, non fungible, restricted fungible and restricted non fungible assets.


01. Created aNoir Token

Creation of the Noir Token on the Algorand Chain

04. Staking platform

Find more staking platforms for Noir

02. Created LP

Creation of liquidty pools

05. Find partnerships

Create new partnerships 

03. SWAP

Implementation of the SWAP from BTC Core to Algorand

06. Create a NFT platform

Creation of an NFT platform

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